Adopting from Doghouse Rescue Academy

What is the Adoption Process?

We require all people who are interested in our dogs to do an adoption application. It takes less than ten minutes to do on our online form and we get it as soon as you hit the submit button. We will get back with you once we review all applications. 

Once your application is reviewed, we will do a home check of your residence with the interested dog to see how they interact with your family and the environment. After your home has been approved, we could start your 14 day foster to adopt trial. During this trial, we will provide you all the supplies (food, crate, training, vet appointments, etc.) and we will test the waters to see how you and the dog will do on your own.

If after the 14 day trial your family and the rescue feels you are a compatible match, then we will complete the process with an adoption contract and that is when you pay the adoption fee.


You can view all of our current dogs below or on our Facebook page as well. 

Please note that not all dogs listed below may be available, they may be on a foster to adopt trial and will be removed once the trial is completed.

Adoptable Dogs

About Our Adoption Fees

Our adoption fees range between $150 - $400

(the adoption fee for each dog is specified in the description of each PetFinder or Adopt-A-Pet profile)

Most dogs require just spay/neuter, vaccines, and microchip; sometimes others require more extensive vetting like heartworm treatment, prescription diets, surgeries, etc. which can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars - we try to keep our adoption fees as reasonable as possible. The fees are specified in the pet listing for each dog, if it says "$TBA" then the dog may have been very recent so reach out to us to know what the fee is; otherwise it will be updated in the future.

A few examples of vetting costs: one of our rescues vet bills was over $8,000 in neck surgeries and recovery care; we also had a parvo survivor that racked up over $4,000 in vet bills, and many of our heartworm positive dogs need treatment that can cost $500-$1,000 for injections, medicine, and testing - all of their adoption fees were only $200-$300.

If you want to help us out, please consider donating to our PayPal Giving Fund to help care for our dogs.