Drool School Dog Training

In order to get you started on the right path for your training, we need to figure out what kind of dog you have: non-reactive, reactive, or aggressive. But what is the difference?

A non-reactive dog is a dog that can go to most places and have no negative reactions like lunging or growling to other dogs or people that are passing by. They may not know their obedience, but are well mannered and do okay in social situations.

Is your dog reactive or aggressive?

The term “reactive dog” means one in a state of over-reactivity, or a heightened arousal to a stimuli. This heightened arousal can come from fear, frustration, or a lack of socialization. The same dog who is jumping, pulling, and barking on leash could have a lack of training, could really want to go meet another dog but doesn’t know how to express the desire appropriately, or could be afraid of the other dog and want to scare them away. That being said, that same dog could have had a traumatic experience with a man, for example, and is jumping, pulling, and barking with the intent to go after and bite him (which would be aggression, not a case of reactivity)

Aggression is regularly mistaken for reactivity and is a trickier to identify until a dog has escalated. In most cases, a dog displaying aggressive behaviors (lifting his lip, stiffening his body, snarling) is trying to communicate fear or anxiety. If a dog snaps, muzzle punches (pokes with their closed mouth), or bites, that’s when a reactive dog has either been pushed too far or is actually aggressive. So even if a dog bites, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are aggressive. And if your dog suddenly displays aggressive behaviors, go to the vet to rule out any medical causes.

All training will cover these areas unless specified or consulted with a trainer:

  • socialization
  • leash walking
  • basic obedience (sit/down/stand)

A trainer will evaluate your dog before starting any training to determine what area your dog is in.


All dogs that enroll in ANY training ACTIVITIES are required to be up to date on vaccinations. Minimum vaccines: Rabies, DA2PP, Bordetella.

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